If you’ve ever wanted to own a food and beverage business that serves dishes you’re proud to put your name behind, VITALITY BOWLS is the right opportunity for you. We focus on real healthy superfoods, healthy lifestyles and super-healthy franchises.

Our motto – The Food of Life – reflects our mission, which is to provide nourishing food to improve the lives of our customers, community and family. This commitment also extends to our franchisees, offering a unique capacity for tremendous growth.

VITALITY BOWLS creates new and exciting Acai Bowls, smoothies, juices, soups, and panini. Our products meet strict quality and nutrition guidelines, which means no trans-fats, no artificial flavors or preservatives, no fillers, no ice and no added sugar. We source locally and offer seasonal, organic produce whenever possible.

Opening a VITALITY BOWLS franchise is inexpensive when compared with the cost of starting comparable restaurants. We educate our franchise owners on everything they need to know. In addition to our extensive support structure, you'll gain access to our preferred vendors, which we source and contract nationally, to ensure the right ingredients are delivered to your door at the right prices.

We train you to manage a VITALITY BOWLS, and we train your team to help ensure a successful opening. Our team will visit you regularly and analyze your operations to ensure we are meeting your ongoing needs. We are fully committed to you and your success every day. Please email us at

Cost & Qualification

Franchisee Profile

  • Passionate about VITALITY BOWLS
  • Passionate about healthy food and a healthy lifestyle
  • Local market knowledge
  • Minimum $80K liquid assets per store and total of $250k+ (May include lending)
  • Single store and multi unit development opportunities available, depending on your market
  • Retail or restaurant operations experience is helpful
  • Owner Operator

Fees - Traditional Unit

  • Initial Franchise Fee(1) $35K for 1 location. $25k for each additional unit
  • Royalty Fee(2) 6%

Estimated Initial Investment

  • Traditional Unit (800-1,500 SF) $200,000 to $250,000 (Varies per location)

Franchise Term

  • 7 years
  • 1. Franchise Fees vary, please see FDD.
  • 2. Please see FDD.

See current Franchise Disclosure Document for detailed and updated information.

This material is general information and is not intended as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Certain states and countries regulate the offer and sale of franchises. If you are a resident of one of these states or countries, we will not offer you a franchise unless, and until, we have complied with all applicable registration and disclosure requirements.

USA Franchise Process

1) Let's Talk: The first step is to talk. We set up a time to introduce ourselves and discuss basic franchising information to quickly assess whether we're a good fit. Then let's meet!

2) Submit Application: Once we've confirmed franchising with VITALITY BOWLS is a go, you will need to submit an application, which we'll provide. The sooner you fill out the application, the sooner we can get started.

3) Receive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): We will provide you with a copy of our most current FDD, containing up-to-date information about franchising with VITALITY BOWLS. Federal regulations require that we provide this for your review 14 days prior to any agreements. You will need to sign the last page as a receipt and return to us as soon as possible.

4) Execute Agreements: Once you have been approved financially and we all agree that VITALITY BOWLS is right for you, we will draft development and franchise agreements based on the terms discussed and send it over to you to sign. Once you return the signed copy, along with the franchise development fee, you are officially the owner of a VITALITY BOWL franchise.

Real Estate Site Criteria

The first VITALITY BOWLS opened in 2011 and has since become a premier superfood cafe. Our fresh, made-to-order offerings and vibrant environment make VITALITY BOWLS a destination for customers looking for healthy eating that's also delicious, fun and easy. If you have a venue that may fit our needs, please contact us.

Why should I open a Vitality Bowls® franchise and is it the right opportunity for me?

If you are passionate about a healthy lifestyle and want operate a thriving business, VITALITY BOWLS might be the right choice for you. We look for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who takes a hands-on approach to managing their business in addition to supporting their local community. If you are ready for an exciting new experience, owning a VITALITY BOWLS franchise may be in your future.

What is the cost of opening a Vitality Bowls® unit?

Each location requires different start-up costs and those costs may vary per state. The initial investment for building a traditional VITALITY BOWLS unit in the U.S. is estimated between $250,000 and $250,000. These totals include an Initial Franchise Fee of $35,000 for a traditional store.

What is VB's franchise fee?

The franchise fee is $35,000 per unit, for a single unit. This fee decreases when you open multiple locations. The royalty fees in the U.S. are 6% of gross sales. We have also established relationships with vendors offering negotiated volume discounts that will be passed down to you.

Can Vitality Bowls® help with financing?

We have teamed with several franchise financing companies where you can apply for loans to help get your business off the ground. These companies specialize in franchise financing which makes the process more efficient and increases your approval ratings.


What markets are currently available?

Once you have identified a market that interests you, fill out the application, email it over, and we'll schedule a time to talk.

How do I find a real estate site?

The location of your VITALITY BOWLS is extremely important. You will need to rely on your market knowledge, business sense and qualified real estate brokers to help find those locations. We can assist by identifying and approving excellent areas that we believe fit our requirements for a successful business. Once you have identified the right area, local commercial real estate brokers will help you find an available site. While you are ultimately responsible for finding the appropriate location for your unit, we will review and approve every site and help along the way. Our broker should assist in negotiating all leases to ensure you get the best deal possible.

What is the typical size of a Vitality Bowls® unit?

The ideal space for a traditional VITALITY BOWLS unit is 800 to 1,200 square feet. Some locations may go up to $1,500 sq feet depending on the anticipated sales volume. Each store size should be based on the finalized market. We are available to guide you every step of the way.

Will I have a protected territory for my franchise?

Yes, and that will be further discussed during our qualifying conversations.

Do I get training?

Our training program teaches you the day-to-day operation of your VITALITY BOWLS unit. VITALITY BOWLS requires that the franchisee, an operating partner, or a general manager, designated by the franchisee, attend our full-time, training program. This program will teach you how to fully operate your VITALITY BOWLS unit from the ground up. We will not let you open until we are satisfied we have provided you with sufficient training to be successful.

Where is the training located?

VITALITY BOWLS operates training units in Walnut Creek, CA. We will do our best to schedule your training in an area that is convenient for you. Training will also take place at your location before and/or after you open.

What support will I receive after initial training is completed?

After signing your franchise agreement, we are available for continuous, direct support. You can count on us for operational input and best practices information. In addition, we will visit you regularly to ensure you are maximizing the potential of your business and we are helping you in every way we can.

On a continuing basis, we will drive the brand and support your efforts in marketing, real estate and development, supply chain, and IT. Should you have questions or need help with issues in these areas, you can call us.