Cody says, “Get ready to celebrate superfoods because it is National Açaí Bowl Day, and this morning we’re learning a yummy recipe from the owner of Vitality Bowls in Vacaville, we have Diana Salas joining us this morning. Hi, Diana”

Diana: “Hi, Joan and Cody how are you?”

Cody: “I’m doing great. Let me ask you this, I’m from Alabama and I mispronounced Açaí earlier, what is the worst pronunciation of that word you have ever heard?”

Diana: “I’m actually I don’t know, because my pronunciation is very strong too. Aa-saa-ee is the rightway to say it.”

Cody: “Very good. Very good.”

Diana: “We also have other superfoods that are a little bit harder. We have Acerola, Graviola, Pitaya, so Açaí is actually the easiest one!”

Cody: “I know how to eat it sometimes I can’t say it.”

Diana: “Today we are celebrating National Açaí Day.”

Cody: ” Okay. You promised to show us a recipe. Can you share that with us?”

Diana: “Yes, so we are going to do our famous Vitality Bowl. That’s the fan favorite. So we start with the VB blend that is a pomegranate juice that we mix with our Aronia, Camu Camu, Moringa, Mangosteen and Açaí. Then we add the frozen Açaí, it is pure Açaí. Then we add frozen bananas, we also add frozen strawberries, and we add a teaspoon of grounded flax seeds to help with your digestion system. Then we blend it, of course we are not going blend now because it will be to strong, so we have one here that is already blended.”

Joan: “Oh that looks good!”

Diana: “So, we take it out. The base you can see it’s a base like a smoothie, but the texture is more like an icecream.”

Cody: “Kinda like a sorbet.”

Diana: “Then, we cover it with organic granola. This is a hint of flax seed granola. Then we add the bananas, so for us it’s kinda easy. Like that really nice.”

Joan: “It’s so pretty, the presentation.”

Diana: “And then fresh strawberries. It is just fresh ingredients, it’s just natural. We don’t add any fillers, no sugar, you don’t need it. No sugar, no ice, no yogurt. We call it like a transparent menu because it’s all-natural.”

Cody: “That is lovely!”

Diana: “We end it up with a drizzle of honey. Just a little drizzle.”

Joan: “Hey, honey.”

Cody: “I need a honey drizzler like that. My life would be a lot better if I had a drizzler like that.”

Joan: “Right?”

Cody: “That is beatiful! Where are you guys located, because we’ll let you make those.”

Diana: “So we are located at the Nut Tree Mall, and we have another franchisee in Roseville, in the Sacramento area. Today is a big day for us, it’s National Açaí Bowl Day, so we are having a big offer, it is our big day. It’s buy one get one, Nutty, Vitality, or Tropical Bowl for free. Yes, it’s our big day, for us it’s a very big day, April 6th is a day for us. I encourage you, or all of your viewers to download our app, our loyalty app. With that, they can get the offer today. They can tell us that they saw us on TV, because it’s supposed to be only for loyalty companies, but today we are offering for everyone to download the app and come to the store and come see us. We re-opened in February of this year, so we are very happy to have everyone back in our store.”

Cody: “Thank you so much for joining us! And I will be visiting the Roseville location.”

Joan: “Happy Açaí Bowl Day!”

See full video here.

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