From Tucson Business on April 7, 2023:

As a co-owner of several local F45 Training studios, Wendy Alexonis-Gose noticed that, although some members worked hard at the studio, they couldn’t seem to reach their weight goals.

“We see our members that are struggling achieving their goals because they’re always in a hurry, grabbing quick food,” Alexonis-Gose said.

“The No. 1 challenge that our members were having was finding some quick, healthy food. It was easy to find places that had acai bowls and smoothies but not the savory food, the salads and the wraps.”

That’s when she and business partner Leah Ward noticed a market that wasn’t being tapped.

Enter Vitality Bowls, a fast-food restaurant where guests can get good food fast. You might even call it superfood. It’s scheduled to open in mid-May.

The menu starts with breakfast, where a guest may order a bowl of steel cut oats that come with organic acai, almond milk and cinnamon. That’s the base. Top it with bananas, almonds and organic goji berries. For a bit of sweetening, there’s honey. There’s also the morning glory wrap, made with a tomato-basil tortilla and filled with scrambled eggs, avocado, super greens, roasted potatoes, pickled red onions, feta cheese, basil pesto and super seed crunch.

For something more substantial, look for a selection of wraps which might contain grass fed steak, super greens, grains, roasted tomato, chimichurri, garlic aioli and sunflower seeds.

Of course, there are acai bowls and smoothies, too, all made with nutrient-dense ingredients; and salads that are far more than some pre-packaged greens piled on a plate.

There is even dessert in the form of a fruit bowl, but not just any fruit. In this bowl there’s organic acai, coconut milk, bananas, strawberries and dark chocolate. There are toppings, too.

Alexonis-Gose said neither the chicken nor the beef is ever frozen; they are always fresh. The vegetables and fruit, which they will receive daily, are also fresh. The only items that will be frozen are “some of the fruit that goes in the smoothies,” she added.

In addition, the kitchen is designed to avoid cross-contact and food allergens. The menu is diverse so just about anyone can eat there and come out of the doors satisfied.

“Having the salads and the wraps and the grain bowls, you can please anybody,” Alexonis-Gose said.

This will be a casual space, where guests order at the counter.

The employee culture is important to Alexonis-Gose. She strives to cultivate a supportive, peaceful place.

“If somebody can’t be happy when they go to work, then something’s wrong,” she said. “You’re there more than most places, so we really are focused on building a good team and culture.”

Hiring, both full- and part-time will take place during the first two weeks of April.

Opening in mid-May

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