Northern California-based Vitality Bowls, which specializes in acai bowls — a thick blend of the Amazon’s antioxidant-rich acai berry, topped with a variety of superfoods — has made its Massachusetts debut in Arsenal Yards in Watertown.

“I’m incredibly eager to bring the Vitality Bowls experience to Massachusetts, and specifically the Watertown community, ” franchisee Tim Johnson said in a company press release. “I couldn’t be more excited to open our first MA location at Arsenal Yards.”

Johnson previously served as a c-suite executive in the tech industry for several years before venturing into entrepreneurship with Vitality Bowls.

While the restaurant will be the first Vitality Bowls in Massachusetts, Johnson has plans to open a second location in the Cambridge area soon afterward.

“Every Vitality Bowls serves as a place where community members can come in and enjoy a nutritious meal in a vibrant cafe setting,” Tara Gilad, founder and owner of Vitality Bowls, said in the release. “We look forward to seeing Tim grow his businesses in the Boston area.”

There are over 140 Vitality Bowls locations open or in development across the United States.

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