Vitality Bowls’s Vacaville location was recently featured on ABC10 news see full news segment here. Sip a little luck of the Irish and strike gold with a nutritious smoothie with festive ingredients to “Go Green.”

From ABC10 – “It is St. Patrick’s day and as you can tell in the studio we are feeling very green, from shamrocks to leprechauns to rainbows and a pot of gold. A healthy and nutritious way to get fun and festive is with a smoothie that is in theme for today, Diana Salas from Vitality bowls is here with a little luck and a lot of green. Hey, Diana!”

From Diana Salas, “Hi, good morning. Thank you for having me, I’m really glad to be here.”

From ABC10, “Yeah, Diana so you’re joining us from Vacaville today. Are you a fan of St. Patrick’s Day?”

From Diana, “Yes, I am. Actually, I love green, I love getting my greens every day. Here I’m going to show you a good option to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a natural and healthy way.”

From ABC10, “Great, you say that you can help us get into some of this shamrock spirit with some of the greens that you offer up there. What do you have for us today?”

From Diana, “So for today, we’re going to show you how to make a smoothie called the ‘Go Green’. As you can see, it is all green with no preservatives, no dyes, it is all-natural. So we’ll start with Almond milk. Pour in the liquid. Then the powders, we have spirulina, it is a blue-green algae that is a superfood, very good for you and it helps out with that green color. Then we have mint. Then dates. And we have frozen kale, so as you can see we don use any ice or add any fillers to the real frozen fruit so you can do it the same at home. We have Graviola, a superfood that helps us to boost our immune system. We have spinach, frozen spinach. And we also have frozen bananas, you don’t need any fillers. You are going to get this beautiful, green smoothie. Perfect to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”

From ABC10, “So it’s awesome to see all of the things you put into it. And we do hear, whether it is St. Patricks Day or not, a lot about starting the day with a green drink. What are some of the benefits when you drink something like ‘Go Green?’

From Diana, “Yeah, so for example the kale is one of the most nutrient dense food. It is high in vitamin C and vitamin K. The spinach is high in iron and calcium. And the spirulina is actually a superfood, it is very high in antioxidants, and iron and vitamin D. So it is like 3 come together for all of the nutrition in one smoothie.

We also have fresh juices. For example, we have ‘Green Me Up’ juice. We of course say we have the rainbow, we have juices like the “Invigorator,” the “Intensifier,” we have our acai bowls, “Green Bowl”, “Vitality bowl.”

From ABC10, “Very nice. So obvoiusly, today, for St. Patrick’s Day it’s the perfect time to try your “Go Green” smoothie. Start the day with a green smoothie. You have lots of other items there, you mentioned the juices. I’m wondering which ones do the kids like?”

From Diana, “Yes, we also have a smoothie for kids that is called the “Kids Sunsation” that has lemonade, strawberry, bananas, and acai. For fresh juices, I love to offer them the “C Me Up.” So it has orange and carrots and kiwi and ginger. We make everything fresh to order so you can always say “no” to ginger if it is a little bit strong for the little kids. For me, that is perfect for the little kids.”

From ABC10, “Oh yeah, that sounds really good. It sounds healthy which is always a plus, as a mom, when I need a little snack or a go-to to keep them going for the day. What is your favorite Diana? What is your favorite smoothie that you guys make?”

From Diana, “My favorite is actually the “Go Green.” It is not because it is St. Patrick’s, it is my favorite. I also love the Graviola. I know Graviola cannot be really easily found in the grocery store, so you can replace it with acai. It is not going to be as green, but you are going to put in all of the greens anyway. But the “Go Green” is one of my favorite as well as a Matcha Latte.”

From ABC10, “Very nice. Well, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! Thanks for showing us how to make a “Go Green” smoothie. And you can find that “Go Green” smoothie and a full menu of all of the healthy options at”

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