BY NATION’S RESTAURANT NEWS – Similarly, the launch of digital ordering online and via mobile app two years ago has proven, like the food this 40-unit, fast-casual chain serves, to be a healthy choice. Digital ordering now generates about 30 percent of the chain’s daily sales.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to find ways to engage with customers and drive orders,” said Uriah Blum, Vitality Bowl vice president of operations.

But the benefits go far beyond increased sales.

“It helps us provide a better customer experience by decreasing wait times,” said Blum, noting that many of the chain’s menu items are made fresh to order.

Additionally, Blum said the chain has reduced labor costs, as there is no longer a need to have an employee take phone orders. It has also reduced the number of customers who are unsatisfied with long wait times.

To better serve and communicate with customers, the chain recently revamped both the app and its online user interface, and said it plans to continue to improve its digital capabilities, eventually adding text messaging and push notifications.

“We are going to keep evolving, keep finding new ways to drive new business,” Blum said. read more

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