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Keeping a critical eye on support

After diving into the numbers, many interested franchisees are also probing the support that a brand provides. While franchisees always expect cooperation from the corporate office, they are more tuned in than ever to the support and service a franchisor offers and desire a partnership rooted in responsiveness and collaboration.

Facing COVID-19’s curveball, the 75-unit Vitality Bowls chain held weekly phone calls with franchisees focused on helping them endure the pandemic. The company provided materials to help individual stores hit on safety measures, shared financial and operational information, and fed franchisees tangible direction on how to corral sales, such as leveraging digital avenues, loyalty, and donation programs. 

“Franchisees want a business in a box, and they lean on us for that support,” Vitality Bowls chief operating officer Dave Malinowski says. “And as times get tough, that magnifying glass gets even larger.”

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