BY NEBRASKA RADIO NETWORK – Nebraskans can get their health on and join the super foods craze. Tony DeSantis will soon open Vitality Bowls at Aksarben Village in Omaha.  He says they are most famous for using the acai berry from Brazil.

DeSantis says, “It is considered one of the world’s leading super foods primarily for its high antioxidants. It has a number of health benefits.  It benefits the immune system, digestive process.  I often describe it to folks as think of it as a blueberry on steroids.”

He says an acai bowl is a thick smoothie blend made with the berry or with one of three other super foods. They cover that with organic granola, fresh fruit and other super food ingredients like bee pollen and hemp seed.

The other super foods include the pitaya, or dragon fruit. Acerola, which is a cherry sized tropical fruit and graviola which is often referred to as a blend between a strawberry and a pineapple.  They are used as a base in the bowls and then topped with other ingredients.  Other super foods include camu-camu, spirulina, aronia, maca and moringa.

DeSantis says one bowl has nearly all the nutrition a person need for a day.

Their grand opening is set for September 6th.

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