BY DANVILLE SAN RAMON NEWS –  The San Ramon-based “superfood cafe” chain Vitality Bowls has opened up its 50th national location, a new store that opened in Mountain View on Thursday marking the 30th cafe location in California.

The 50th franchise location will be run by 18-year-old Angelo Camacho, a recent high school graduate who has dreamed of owning his own business.

“Growing up I was surrounded by healthy foods and successful entrepreneurs, including my aunt Tara Gilad who founded the Vitality Bowls brand,” Camacho said in a statement. “It was a natural fit for me to open my own Vitality Bowls and offer the best ingredients possible as well as the largest selection of superfoods.”

Vitality Bowls was founded in 2011, by Roy and Tara Gilad, after discovering their daughter’s severe food allergies and wanting to find safe healthy food alternatives they could provide her with. The concept began franchising and it now has 50 locations open and 50 others in development across the country.

“Simply put, we created Vitality Bowls to be a place where health-conscious individuals can go for a nutritional meal,” Tara Gilad said. “We believe that healthy food can be an option for fast casual food and we are excited to have Angelo on board with this.”

Vitality Bowls specializes in açaí bowls, a thick blend of the Amazon’s açaí berry, considered a superfood due to its high levels of antioxidants, as well as other fruits, vegetables and granola, to name a few of the potential ingredients.

Most cafes also offer organic cold brew coffee and organic kombucha on-tap.

The health food chain has seen steady growth since its founding, having sold its millionth bowl back in November.

“This growth is amazing because it means we are able to offer nutritious and allergy-conscious food to even more people,” Tara Gilad said.

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