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5660 Cottle Road
Ste 30
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Vitality Bowls San Jose Cottle Road

Vitality Bowls San Jose opened in February 2017 at 5660 Cottle Road, near a number of retail establishments and residential complexes.

San Jose, home to a number of high profile technology companies and successful entrepreneurs, is known as the center of Silicon Valley. With a vibrant downtown, it’s also an entertainment destination.

Vitality Bowls San Jose is one of the company’s busiest locations and is frequented by local residents and tech professionals. It also offers catering.

Customers love fueling up with healthy acai bowls, smoothies and fresh juices in addition to Panini, soups and salads. The café also offers a full-service coffee bar, complete with espresso and superfood drinks that are packed with antioxidant-rich açaí, pitaya and matcha. Organic cold brew nitrogen-poured coffee and organic kombucha are also available on-tap. A local favorite is the Detoxifier Juice, lemon, raw ginger, cucumber and coconut water.

Owners Brian and Kathy Hom, allergy advocates, were drawn to Vitality Bowls commitment to allergy safety.

“My wife who currently works in the high tech industry and I have been wanting to provide people with a healthy fast casual food alternative as well as a safe place for people with food allergies.”

Customer Review

I can summarize this place in three words:
Quick, friendly, and delicious!

They have a pretty big menu, so I made sure to read up on everything before I got there by going to their website. I ended up ordering the nutty Bowl because I love peanut butter and bananas! I was not disappointed and got my açai fix. Also, they made it fairly quick! I was expecting to wait there for awhile but I was in and out in ten minutes (I ordered To go). Another important thing to mention is how friendly the person ringing me up was. He was an older gentleman and he was smiling at me while taking my order which makes all the difference in customer service! He also answered any questions I had about their bowls. I will be returning here very soon! Thanks Vitality Bowl!

– Sweeny Y. San Jose, CA

Craving something sweet but afraid of getting anything with added sugar? Vitality Bowls is the way to go. This cafe offer coffee but mainly serves acai bowls & smoothies. But wait, they also serve paninis and salad if you’re feeling extra hungry. Their menu mainly consists of smoothies and of course their bowls.

Each bowl range from $10.49 – $13 each for medium sizes and it increases if you get a large ofc.

They offer two sizes of a medium(20oz) and a large(24oz). Honestly 20oz is a lot so I just ended up with the medium.

They have in door seating ofc but if you want to sit outside, you can as well. The tables are placed pretty close to each other so I’d sit outside if the weather was a little bit nicer.

The bowls took maybe around five/six minutes to make but it’s also Bc they plate it so nicely. I also love how they put your acai in the metal bowl which keeps the acai colder(Does it get colder the longer it sit out? Idk either haha). The bowls are loaded with toppings so it makes sense for the price. I think you really get what you pay for here, plenty of acai topped with a variety of toppings. This is also a great place to grab food after shopping in the village.

– Lisa W. San Francisco, CA

Vitality Bowls is always looking for passionate, health-minded individuals to join our growing team.

If you are excited to learn and share our mission of health and wellness at this location, please click the button below!

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COVID-19 information

As we diligently follow COVID-19 updates and developments from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), most Vitality Bowls locations remain open as our team closely follows all public health recommendations to keep our customers, employees and communities healthy and safe.

Our goal has always been to provide the most nutritious food possible to our customers, and we are dedicated to that mission now more than ever.

Some aspects of the Vitality Bowls experience have been modified, including some locations limiting dining experiences to take-out and delivery only. Please contact your local Vitality Bowls regarding in-store dining availability.

We are confident that we will get through this together as a community. In the meantime, Vitality Bowls is here for you, to provide healthy, nutritious meals for you and your family.


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