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2175 First Street
Livermore, CA 94550


Mon-Thur 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Fri-Sat 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sun 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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Livermore Açaí Bowls

Vitality Bowls is always looking for passionate, health-minded individuals to join our growing team.

If you are excited to learn and share our mission of health and wellness at this location, please click the button below!

Vitality Bowls Livermore


Vitality Bowls Livermore opened in May 2017 in the downtown area at 2175 First Street.

Livermore is a suburban community in Alameda County known for its vibrant downtown and beautiful wineries.

Local residents love stopping by Vitality Bowls for a signature acai bowl, smoothie, Panini, salad or fresh juice. The location also offers organic kombucha and cold brew coffee on tap and frequently caters to local businesses.

Vik and Ameet Seth, who also own Vitality Bowls Brentwood, opened Vitality Bowls Livermore.

“Being an owner at Vitality Bowls has been a very gratifying experience for me and my family. When we started the process, it was clearly evident that their mission, purpose and values matched those I was passionate about. Through this journey, I have learned that we live in a rapidly changing environment and Vitality Bowls is constantly changing as well. I remember joining when only one franchise store was opened, and to watch the growth and scale of Vitality Bowls now, makes me proud to be part of the family. I know this franchise has the potential to continue to great things and I am so excited to be part of this incredible journey.”

– Ameet Seth

Customer Review


“Finally Downtown Livermore has a Delicious healthy option! Catering to allergies and special diets but still appealing to kids and adults alike this place is a perfect choice for families. For my husband and I, this will be a primary destination after a workout at the gym or a hot evening when we want something to cool down. Their specialty is the Acai bowls (think of a smoothie made with Acai, fruits and veggies topped with organic granola, nuts and other goodies) but they also have a fresh juice bar, salads, paninis and Kombucha on tap coming soon!

“I got the Dragon bowl. It’s base is made with Pitaya that gives it a beautiful Fuschia pink color and comes topped with granola, kiwi, strawberries and bee pollen along with other goodies. My husband indulged in their nutty bowl which is perfect for peanut butter lovers. It’s base includes almond milk and peanut butter that is topped with bananas, granola, almonds and more peanut butter. Perfect protein mashup for a post workout nourishment.

“Owners couldn’t be nicer and the location is ideal. I would even come here as a light healthy option for dessert over a heavy, thick ice cream. With a warm summer coming I am so happy to have found this spot!”

– Erica F. Irvine, CA

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