Guarana Seed

Our Energy Bowl gives you more energy than coffee! We achieve this by infusing it with Guarana. Guarana is native to the tropical rainforest of Brazil and is best known as a natural energy source. Guarana is made from the seeds of the Guarana plant. Guarana helps to increase concentration and stimulate the mind. Also known as Brazilian cocoa and Uabano, this is a climbing shrub with divided compound leaves.

The virtues of Guarana is probably largely due to its high caffeine content. It has 2.5 times more caffeine than coffee. This may be one of the reasons for its effectiveness in reducing migraine headaches.

Guarana is a central nervous system stimulant similar to coffee, but stronger. Anyone who has been advised to avoid coffee should avoid Guarana, though it is rated GRAS by the FDA (generally regarded as safe). It is best to avoid Guarana while pregnant.